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Our House- Barry Fly Fishing- Van Pictures- Stevo

More Fishing- Christmas 2002- Dave's Pic.- John's Pic.

Joans Retirement- Waterfalls- Theremin Photos- Pictures for Robert- Christmas 2003

Winter Steelhead Fishing. Jan. 4- Valentines Day- Mexico Trip- Fishing- The Fire in Downtown PrinceRupert- Diana Creek Fishing, Dec. 21- Skeena River Fishing at China Bar, Dec 22- Christmas 2004

Waterfront Walking- Mexico 2005- Family Pictures- June- Red Sand Lake- July 2005.. camping and Stuff- KISL Year End Awards 2005- Thanksgiving Dinner 2005- Teachers Strike 2005- Fall 2005 Family pics- Travis and Kelly Wedding.- Christmas 2005.- Las Vegas 2005- Fishing Dec 2005- My Christmas Present!- New Years, 2005-

A Trip to Kitkatla- Feb. Hiking, Nisga'a Hobiyee- Mar. Butze Rapids Trail- Hartley Bay Trip- Building the Deck- May 2006- Fishing Derby, June 4 2006- Seafest 2006- Fathers Day. June 18.- July 2006.- Alaska Cruise 2006- August 2006- Coho Derby- Fall 2006- Staff Party 2006- Christmas 2006- Crab Fishing-

Jan and Feb, 2007- March and April- May- June- Ripper of a Party- Dan's Visit- Ancient Greece- Block Party- Kitkatla- Friends and Relatives- Christmas 2007

Feb- Cuba 2008- Quebec- May-June- July-Aug- Men Who Listen- Egypt- Italy- Christmas-

Jan Snow- June- Lone Prairie- Canada Day- Steve and Anita Wedding- Eso fishing Derby- Wedding Fun- Frizzell Hotsprings- Old Pics- Rock Star Weekend- Christmas in Cuba-

Olympic Torch in PR- Olympic Games- Olympic Trip, Hoyibee- Crazy People- Band- Camping Trip- Iron Man- Salt Lakes- Hurricane!- CaboWabo!

Guitar Project!- Relay for Life!- School Pics!- Band Pics- Seattle Trip- Farmin'- Filipino Night- Puerto Vallarta-

New Curtains- Spring Break- Oregon Trip- Summer- Hiking Metlakatla Trail- Mexico-

Ontario- August- Luke's Pictures- Christmas-

January- Martin- Sudbury in Feb.- Cuba in March- A Visit!- Vancouver Trip May- Relay for Life- Whatcom Lake- Lone Prairie- Hart Farm Campsite- Summer- Vancouver Trip- Katie's Wedding- The Long Drive- Luke is Big Now- Christmas-

Martin is Big Now- Winter/Spring- Figure Skating- Vancouver- Yukon- July- August- Sudbury October- Road Trip- Frank Burton- Winter- Fishing- Luke and Marty-

Winter- Thomas- Cancun- Spring- Sudbury April- May- June- Camping-July- Family Vacation- More Anniversary Pics- Prince Rupert to San Francisco- Winter-

Martin's Visit- February- Spring- June-Alberta-Band- July- Camping- August- September-- October-- Nov- Dec-- Xmas Visit--

January-- Feb- Fishing-- Feb- Family Day- Panama Canal Cruise- Ontario Trip- Spring- Summer- Autumn/Winter- Christmas-

Winter- Spring- Spain- Summer- Galiano Island-David's Wedding- Fishing September- Sudbury Oct- Fall- Christmas-

Winter- Spring- May- Summer- Camping- Lone Prairie- Revelstoke Trip- Fall-camping, fishing- December-

Winter- Spring- Summer- Revelstoke Part 2- Sudbury August- Sept Oct- Robert Visit- Men Who Listen Return- Christmas 2021-

Jan- March- Spring- Kelowna Figure Skating- Victoria Ironman- Summer- Richmond- Lake Nippising- Ironman Penticton- Fall- Saskatchewan- Arnold Family WW1 and WW2- Halloween- Christmas-

Winter-Hockey- Spring- Sudbury- Summer- Okanagan- Robert Visit- Fall- Christmas-

January- February- Mexico- Spring-

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