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The latest picture, Dec 27, 2005.

5 computers, scanner, printer, various peripherals.

Left to right.
1. Laptop for mobile computing. IBM Thinkpad 1400. P166 92 3Gb HD.
2. Webserver. Runs totallyconfused.org. IBM PIII 800. 256, SCSI 18Gb HD, Ubuntu Linux.
3. My work computer. IBM P4. 256 40 gb HD. Win XP
4. Internet and Graphics Work Station. P566 192 20 GB HD. Digital Camera, Home stero sound system.
5. Work Computer. Word Processing and stuff for my job. Cyrix 333 64. 7 GB HD. Cannon BJC Printer. Acer scanner, CD RW.
6. Other. 5 port D-link hub. 5 port D-link router. ADSL modem. USR Wireless router.

The latest picture. Jan 21, 2005.

An old pic.

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