Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 21:36:04 -0400
From: "Ross Greenwood"
CC: "'slopitchfun'"
Subject: Slo-pitch, drinking & Cuba All headers
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Hey, Barry:

I saw you webpage on the KISL website and knew that a team that calls themselves, The Rebels Drinking team and Athletic Club, would be very interested in joining our slo-pitch tournaments in Cuba. Although the information is contained on our website,, I will give you just a bit of information.

We play the team from the Puntarena Club a good 3+ star all-inclusive resort in Varadero Cuba. It isnít really a tournament with formalities and entrance fees, etc. It is a chance to play ball with some great Cuban guys and even a few females. The main thing is partying with the Cubans. The resort itself has five bars that are usually well-stocked until one of our teams drank the pool bar out of rum, tequila and finally ran them out of cups!

There is a huge swimming pool and over 20 km of white sandy beach.

We introduced slo-pitch into Cuba and have been returning for the last five years.

If your team can join us or a team from your league or even just a few guys who want to join up with others, give me a call at 1-866-277-1887 (toll free).

As you know slo-pitch is a great excuse to have fun and meet people Ė itís even greater in Cuba.

Give me a call.


Ross Greenwood
The Travel Edge
14 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto ON M5R 1A9