Rockin' Prince Rupert in the 1980's.

CD cover
Our CD, Put together by Bob from our old tapes.
A few of the songs from the CD are not on the web site.
Download the CD in mp3 Format.

Jenny 8675309
Sharp Dressed Man
You Really Got Me
Just What I needed
Thats the Hold
Born to be Wild
Back in the USSR
Hard Days Night
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Day Tripper-Satisfaction
Johnny B. Goode

Backstage, setting up for a concert.

Barry, Dano, Shadow, Bobby, and Dale.
A suitably deep and artistic pose for rock stars.
R.E.M. Lee Theater, Terrace BC. 1989.

Battle of the Bands Photos. We placed in a tie for second place out of 4 bands. Hmmnnnn

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